Book Signings: The Truth

Oh, my laws. I laughed so hard when I saw this video, I just had to share it.

My kids see me go to book signings. My youngest was born right after my first book came out (and 3 days after my last book signing for it), so she literally has not known a mother who doesn't do these things.

But somehow, even though they live with me, they don't grasp what a book signing IS. They envision something along the lines of Stephanie Meyer or J. K. Rowling, with crowds of adoring readers desperate to buy your book and get your signature.

My son once even wished me luck . . . that my hand wouldn't get too tired from signing all those books.

(Not much chance of that, bud. But thanks for the thought.)

Book signings are exhausting. You're "ON" for two hours (or however long) straight, trying to be energetic and chipper and helpful. And all the while, you feel a bit like a used car salesman trying to convince customers (who are trying to avoid your table as if you have leprosy) to buy your book.

Not all signings are that bad. I've had some nice ones. But the video below shows what most are like, and it gives me giggles every time I watch it.


CountessLaurie said…
The poor guy sitting next to Mary Higgins Clark...
Jennie said…
Been there, done that! Could anyone but a fellow writer truly appreciate that clip? It's that occasional signing when the line goes out the door for the person(me or you) signing that keeps us putting ourselves through that ordeal.
Lara said…
That was hilarious! And it makes me want to check out this guy's books!
Very funny! I was at an event and Brandon Sanderson had a huge line next to him. I think I signed one book.
Cheri Chesley said…
Lol! Is it sad that this doesn't even scare me? I must have the bug really bad.
Motherboard said…
That's funny!

Now I'm going to be singing that all the live long day!
Kim Coates said…
This was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Not real motivating though! :)
Loved it! And I've done several book signings where I felt just like him. YOU try sitting next to Richard Paul Evans at a book signing! It's just like his experience with Mary Higgins Clark. I went to amazon to look him up and he has 11 books in his Puzzle Lady series and 13 books in the Stanley Hasting series. I'm a mystery-lover yet somehow I've never heard of him. I think I'll buy a book based on this video alone! Plus, I'm stealing the link to add to my own blog. Thanks for sharing, Annette.
Eric W. Trant said…
This is why most writers are drunks.


- Eric
Stephanie Black said…
This video absolutely slays me. I can so relate!
Laura said…
Which brings us to the "how to survive book signings" post. Is that one tomorrow?

Hmm, for me, it's uhm, uh, how do I even admit all the things I've done to survive. Reading books off the shelf, writing out entire dances in my notebook, oh, and my favorite, editing on a tiny computer. Yeah, I've tried a lot of things. I'll pretty much talk to anyone willing to stand still for five seconds even if they don't want my book.
The first time I saw this video I laughed so hard. It makes me wonder why authors even do signings. Then I found out that my book will be out this summer and I need to set up some book signings. Now the video just makes me cower under the bed in fear. Still makes me laugh as I cower though. :)
Kimberly said…
I saw that on David West's blog awhile back and nearly bust a gut. TOO funny!
Angie said…
I love that video. So funny. I really hope I get the chance to find out what it's like for myself someday.
Sherrie said…
Thats a pretty funny video. I had no idea how difficult book signings could be. I assumed you would always have long lines of people waiting to have their book signed by the author.
Krista said…
I love that video and feel so bad for that guy! It makes me think, "What do I have to do to avoid that?" Oh yeah, be Stepanie Meyer or Mary Higgins Clark. Huh. YIKES.
Jessica G. said…
This is one challenge I would really, really like to face! Shoot, just having a book with my name on it would have be giggling like an intoxicated Smurf for the first hour!
Renae said…
Once I heard Gary Soto, critically acclaimed YA author, mention that when faced with signing books for very few people, he wished he had included a vampire in his latest novel.

When will the bloodlust ever end? :D
Sue said…
I think the worst part of the whole experience is the book signing. And that guy hit it right on. I'd be happy never to do one again. Ever.

So funny!

Oh my! The shot of him sitting next to Mary Higgins Clark was priceless! I'm so not looking forward to those kinds of book signings.

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