CD Giveaway!

No, not here. But I highly recommend hopping over to Sher's place and entering the giveaway for her upcoming CD.

Not familiar with her work?

Maybe this will ring a bell. She's the one who arranged and performed the music on my promo video for Tower of Strength. (Was I lucky, or was I lucky to be able to use her work? I know!)

Take a listen, be wowed, and then go over to her giveaway post and leave a comment to enter!

Also, check out her music site here, where you can hear more of her stuff and even pre-order her CD.



LeeAnn Smith said…
Is there a link for the giveaway?
Annette Lyon said…
LeeAnn, click on the words "giveaway post." That's the link. :)
Kristina P. said…
Annette, I just wanted to thank you for coming today! It was so great to meet you and finally talk to you in person! I hope to do it again sometime.
Shauna said…
I had a blast at lunch today! It was so fun getting to know you better :) I am now following your blog! Let's do lunch again sometime, it was awesome :) ♥ Hugs!
Jo said…
Hey you! It was great to meet you today. I had so much fun, and definitely one of the great parts was meeting a real LIVE author. Whoo hoo!
I LOVED both the promo video and the music! Beautiful!

Can't wait to read it! :)
Amber said…
I like you even though your short.
Yes, that was random.
Not like I'm very tall.

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