Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mom Rocked the House, Yo

Friday I had the opportunity to speak at our local junior high, where they've done an annual writers conference for about ten years now. Only students invited to the conference by their English teachers get to attend (and skip out of the first half of their school day).

The conference was in the media center, so I expected 30ish students. The room was packed with kids; I'd guess well over a hundred attended.

I spoke first, using a nifty Power Point that my son helped me design. I gave my dialogue workshop, which I've taught several times to adults. 7th - 9th graders are old enough to grasp something that big, I think.

I had to leave after I spoke, so I didn't get to hear the other two speakers, but I had a ball. The kids were great. They were respectful and fun, eagerly jotting down pages and pages of notes.

After I finished, we had a 10-minute break. That's when a crowd of students surrounded me. I felt like a rock star!

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I have a sneaking suspicion that my coolness factor was seriously influenced by the fact that I admitted to personally knowing (and in some cases being good friends with) other writers they love. (Audible gasps waved across the room when I said that yes, I know Jessica Day George, Shannon Hale, J. Scott Savage, and others.)

As a parent, I remember very well what that age was like . . . and how the last thing you want is for a parent to embarrass you in front of your peers.

So even though speaking was a ball, the best part for me was seeing the faces of my son and daughter. They came right up to me afterward as part of that crowd, making sure people knew they belonged to me.

And they beamed. They looked proud.

Boo. Yah.

In other writing-related news:
  • BOOK SIGNING TONIGHT, Saturday, April 3 at the Deseret Book in Layton Hills Mall
  • Attention, Writers: Precision Editing Group is sponsoring a 4-hour write-a-thon on THURSDAY. Be sure to participate for a chance to win $50 OR a $50 content edit from PEG. (Find the details HERE.)
  • I had to leave the conference early to attend a proposal meeting at Covenant about an upcoming project. It went really well. Cross your fingers that it flies, because this one totally cool project!


Kristina P. said...

That is very cool, Annette! I'm sure they loved you.

Tammie said...

How cool is that! It's always fun when as an adult we are able to influence kids in a positive way and the respond. You rock!

Meggen said...

Very cool, Annette! Yet another tender mercy that you are known and loved---on earth and heaven! Oh yeah, and I love ya too, friend! ;o)

Cluttered Brain said...

That is so cool.
Even the younger kiddos like you.
YOU rock.
Thanks for being you.
Your GTU interview was AWESOME too!!

Anonymous said...

You are one cool Mama!

Good luck with the new project!

Mel Chesley said...

That is so cool! Sounds like you did rock the house. You rule. :D

Carolyn V. said...

This is very cool Annette! And what great kids you have! =)

* said...

Sweet! Influencing young minds in a writerly way sounds like such good fun!

Happy Easter & Gen Conference weekend!!

Krista said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! Those Cool Mom moments are the best!
The contest looks like fun, too!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I bet your kids coming up and acknowleging you was the best part. I would have been for me! Good job, Cool Mom!

Happy Mom said...

What a pay day to have your kids bragging to their friends that you're their mom!!! Savor it girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad your kids recognize the coolness that is TOTALLY you!


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