Friday, April 30, 2010

Ten Days

Ten. That's all I have left if I'm going to make my self-imposed deadline for getting the murder mystery turned in.

Right now, I'm calling it Trigger Point.

We'll see if they
a) accept the thing and
b) if they keep the title.

To date, the only book they've kept my proposed title for is Band of Sisters. And my husband came up with that title (I stink at them).

Long-time readers might remember that I submitted Spires of Stone with a header description of, "My Salt Lake Temple Book," and that then an evaluator came back saying, "It needs a better title."

Um, YA THINK?!!! That wasn't a title.

After I submit Trigger Point, then I can (I hope!) move on to drafting again. Drafting is where I get my lifeblood. Drafting is when I'm happiest. It's when I'm not losing my mind . . . it's when I'm most ME.

Ten days.

But I don't write on Sundays. So really, nine days.

Scratch that. I also have two field trips between now and then (trying to spend time with the kidlets when I've been so busy). That effectively erases two more working days.

Can I do this in SEVEN? Time will tell.

The book is written. But I have about six inches' worth of critiques to go through, plus about 50 or so pages to revise that never did make it to critique group.

I'm motivated to make my deadline, mostly because I know what's on the other side: FUN.

It boils down to something pretty simple: If I do THIS, then I get to do THAT.

Drafting is my play time. It balances me in a way nothing else can. It's hanging out with people I love (fictional though they may be) and coming away with the rush that only creating something new can provide.

Be sure leave a comment on last Friday's post for a chance to win a prize:
  • one of my books if I fail to meet my deadline
  • chocolate (for both me and the winner!) if I do make it.
Count on someone winning the chocolate, because I'm seriously motivated. (It's scary what a little bribery can do for one's inner writer.)


Kristina P. said...

Good luck, Annette!

Shelley said...

Go, go, go! And pick me from last Friday.

Lara Neves said...

You can do it! And I know what you mean about drafting being your favorite part. My problem is that performing is my favorite part. Practicing is the part I hate. Kind of makes it hard. :)

Heidi said...

I was heart broken when my editor wanted to change the name on my first book (It was called Darling Buds of May . . but even that wasn't it's original title) and stoked when my new book's title didn't get axed. It's hard, b/c the title represents your work and it's your *baby*.

Anonymous said...

Write write write. Maybe seeing you succeed at your goal will motivate me to get my own going!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

If you rush too much, you will lose something essential in your novel. Go at your own pace.

I look forward to reading your entry in THE LAST LINES BLOGFEST. I had to enter early due to work constraints, Roland

Annette Lyon said...

Roland, No worries on the not-rushing. I've definitely been there, done that, as far as knowing how long a ms need to rest and all that. This particular book has had PLENTY of time to cool off, and I know exactly what needs changing--I just need TIME to do it. Time has been in short supply of late with a new release promotion, editorial deadlines, conference speaking, and more.

CountessLaurie said...

I like it. Trigger Point is very catchy! Good luck.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Good luck! (And what all does drafting entail? Do share from a writer's perspective :) !!)

Annette Lyon said...

An O Mom, Very good question! Methinks it would be a good topic for a future post . . .

Carolyn V. said...

Good luck Annette! Sorry about the title.

I would love to know how you do your drafting also! Sweet! =)

Cluttered Brain said...

You can make it!!!!! I am behind you....Editing please go well for Annette 'cause I HAVE to read her book.


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