Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Help Me Sleep!

Now that my husband and I have officially reached the end of the Harry Potter saga, we're floundering a bit. We spent five months rereading the first six books aloud at night, then devoured #7 when it came out.

And now, well . . . we sort of put our heads on our pillows at night, feeling like something isn't quite right in the world. It's harder to get to sleep without our nightly read aloud.

Granted, we could just pick up another book and read that together, but we want something that'll last, not just a single title. Plus we want start something that we'll both enjoy and appreciate.

(Like, uh, Harry Potter . . . Dang. Did that.)

Now I'm looking to my blogosphere buddies to help us out.

I tend to be literary, female (okay, girly), or LDS Market-driven in what I read. He enjoys science fiction (LOVES Phillip K. Dick) and fantasty (especially Robert Jordan—it's thanks to him I got into reading The Wheel of Time). He's also into a lot of non-fiction, such as the Don't Know Much About series.

So what do you think, folks? Any brilliant ideas? What should we read together next?


Brillig said...

When Hubby and I go on long car rides, we listen to books on tape--since I worked for Deseret Book for about a million years, I had a lot of the LDS stuff at my disposal. We loved Dean Hughes's books (historical fiction--"Children of the Promise" series based on WWII) and Betsy Brannon Greene's books (FBI murder mysteries). Neither author's writing is at all fantasy or sci fi... but my Hubby dug 'em! Maybe yours will?

Unknown said...

And there's always the Gerald Lund books, of course. But you've probably done those already. I really enjoyed them better than the movies. Now where have I heard that before? :-)

By the way, Annette, tomorrow morning you're tagged, young lady. Hope it's not one you've already done. What a lot of them there are. Fun though, and they make me think about things I don't normally bother with.

Heather Moore said...

I enjoyed "The Uglies" --there are four books in that series. YA fantasy, but very very intersting.

Luisa Perkins said...

I second Brillig's vote on the Dean Hughes books.

I just re-read Cold Sassy Tree, and while it's only the one book, it's brilliant.

Try Tad Williams's Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series. It's very well written epic fantasy and longgggg (not as long as Robert Jordan's series).

I'll keep thinking.

Josi said...

Dang, everyone mentioned mine--Wheel of time and Dean Hughs. There is also the Kingdom and the Crown series, by Hughs I think. I just think it's dang cute you guys read to each other. Hubby and I are lucky to go to bed at the same time . . .

Annette Lyon said...

Thanks, everyone! We began reading just in the car, and it was a book we got as a wedding gift--the first Work & the Glory. So we've done that entire series. We tried Children of the Promise, but for some reason, Hubby didn't get into it. I loved Cold Sassy Tree, but it's been a long time since I read it. Maybe I'll suggest Tad Williams.

Luisa Perkins said...

Here are a few more:

The Lucia series, by E.F. Benson (although they are so funny that you might not be able to get to sleep)

Van Reid's series starting with Cordelia Underwood (very slightly magical realist)

Dave Duncan's A Man of His Word series--the first one is called Magic Casement--AWESOME fantasy series, eight books in all, funny and delightful


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