Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rockin' & Famous

I feel so cool!

"5 Minutes for Mom" is a fun website with lots of great resources for moms, among them lots of mom blogs (including mine now!). And really, how many of us moms couldn't use 5 minutes in our day? :)

I've got a button in my sidebar that can take you there, but for today, click on that cute little button above to go straight to my interview, which is something I did several months ago, a long time before I met some of my favorite bloggers. It's now live, and I'm thrilled to be part of their growing list!

And to make today even more fun:

I've officially received my first ever blog award, from the illustrious Brillig the Great! Her blog is one of my personal favorites (I will never eat a bowl of Lucky Charms again without thinking of her . . . and laughing hysterically).

And now she's awarded me the "Rockin Girl Blogger" Award.

So that's the fun little graphic you now see down below in the sidebar. I'm new to this blog award stuff, but apparently when one is bestowed said award, one is thereby granted the power to pass along the award to five others. They all link back to one another until, as Brillig put it, "the universe is overcome with rockin’ girl bloggers."

Sounds good to me!

I hereby pronounce the following as Rockin' Girl Bloggers. These are all gals who have left me thinking, laughing, and who I think totally rock.


Janette Rallison

Mental Tesserae

Downstage Left

Josi Kilpack



Luisa Perkins said...

Congratulations! You totally deserve it; Brillig knows what she's writing about.

And, sheesh! I feel very honored! Thank you so much.

Janette Rallison said...

Thanks! You made me feel special . . . but now you'll have to tell me how to pass it along, because I still can't even figure out how to post pictures of my books on my blog.

Julie Wright said...

great interview!

Brillig said...

I'm on my way to your interview right now. But in the meantime, you deserve all the praise you get, my dear, and more. And thanks for the kind words!

Emmie said...

Loved the interview, and I'm mighty pleased to be a Rockin' Girl. Thank you!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Fabulous interview. I think the same four things inspire me, too!


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