Help the Techno-Idiot

We got a cat a few months ago. That's another story in and of itself. (It's white with "flame tipped" markings, meaning it's got orange ears and a striped tail. Way cute. Sorta matches my redheads.)

Anyhoo, this morning as I was scrolling through my Google Reader (HOW did I read blogs before I got one of those things?!!!), she walked off my lap and onto the keyboard. Her feline paws pushed . . . something.

Then the highlighted post in my reader popped up, expanding to this really big font size. When I scrolled to the next one, I got this jump/pop where the old one went back to normal size, and the next one expanded to the giant font for someone seriously near-sighted. Happened every time I went to a new post. The jump/pop was blinding. (For someone prone to migraines, this kind of visual stimulus is unpleasant.)

And I couldn't figure out what the heck the cat did to make that happen or how to turn it off.

It was driving me crazy, people. Kitty couldn't have hit that many keys, but for the life of me, I still can't figure out what she did or how to undo it.

Several hours after the fact, I did what I should have done first: I killed my browser and started over. That reset the reader, so I'm okay now. (Phew!)

But what caused it? If it happens again, what can I do in the future to undo it, short of exiting my browser any time the cat's in the room or banning the cat from the area completely?

Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

(I swear I'll post something worth reading soon . . . this is just an itch I have to scratch! WHAT did the cat DO? Sounds like an Arthur episode or something . . .)


Josi said…
If only cats could talk and communicate the numerous ways in which they are systematically attempting to unhinge all humanity with their seemingly innocent machinations of all things sensible! I've got TWO cats and, yes, they are both out to get me.
Melanie J said…
I don't know how your cat did that, but it involves the same keys that my baby always manages to whack in the two seconds before I can pull his hands away. Gah!
Karlene said…
Cats, babies, grandbabies--they all do it. Sorry, can't help. But at least you could reboot.

Once my daughter reset my screen resolution on my PC to really tiny type and I couldn't read a thing and I didn't know how to change it. To this day, I'm not sure she realizes how close she came to an early death...
Motherboard said…
I love Arthur. That show rocks.

As far as the Cat thing... I've got nothing. My baby is constantly hitting the keyboard and making all sorts of crazy things happen.
Summer said…
Ah my baby girl has managed to do crazy things to my computer too. She renamed half my desktop files and set the wallpaper to rotate through different pictures. I have no idea how but somehow she managed all that while just pretending to type.
Jen said…
Thanks for mentioning google reader! I just set it up. It will help me so much! Always more to learn about....

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