I Heart Finland

It's all done!

For anyone interested in checking out the trip I took to Finland last month with my husband, click here to see my blog devoted entirely to our trip.

If you're more interested in seeing locations from At the Water's Edge than in reading all twenty-some-odd posts, the ones having to do with that book are tagged. Just click on the label in the sidebar, and they'll all pop up.

Now I'm homesick again for Finland. I have a little Finnish chocolate left. Excuse me while I indulge . . .


Don said…
You wouldn't happen to be indulging in Geisha bars, would you?

I've enjoyed the pictures.
Annette Lyon said…
Thanks, Don!

I indulged in Geisha bars (and even ice cream--that's new) while over there. Good guess. I'm impressed. :D

My personal favorite is the Fazer blue bar.
Tirzah said…
How cool!
Larsens said…
My freezer is full of rye bread, my cupboard is full of Fazer Sininen, and just got a new load of chocolate from my mom on Friday. I'm good for winter.
By the way, Greg Stevenson's favorite bar is Geisha.
We are going back to Finland next summer. Hope the weather is better than this past summer.
Annette Lyon said…
Ahhh! Don't torment me! The rye bread is something I miss terribly, and I have all of four squares of Fazer Sininen left. (If I drop by your place and raid your freezer come February, you'll know why . . .) :D
Kimberly said…
I'm really hungry all of a sudden...what an amazing trip. So happy for you that you had that opportunity.
Kristina P. said…
Annette, thanks for commenting on my blog! Your trip to Finland sounds amazing. I'm off to look at your blog now.

I'm adding you to my Reader!
*MARY* said…
I think the Finnish Chocolate belongs in a giveaway, if it's not too late.
Annette Lyon said…
Kristina P--Coolness! That's like the best bloggy compliment ever. (You're already on my reader. :D)

Mary, It's most definitely too late. WAY late. It would be pretty hard to pry it out of my hands anyway!

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