Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Your Wish . . . Sort of

A couple of people asked for a picture of The Purple Tent. I seriously don't remember ever seeing a picture taken from that Halloween. I wonder if I screamed and ran from the camera or something.

But here's one from the previous year (or the one before that . . . I'm not sure I'm remembering the dates), when all three of us sisters were gypsies:

I'm in the middle with the red head scarf.

Dontcha LOVE the 70s era curtains behind us, out-done only by the shag carpet?

Aw . . . look at my cute baby-fat cheeks. Wait. I STILL have the same cheeks. Baby fat isn't so cute when you're entering your mid-thirties, darn it.

Hope my sisters don't mind me posting that. Freaky thing is that they almost look like themselves still, especially Mel (left).

Of all my siblings (there's one more; my big brother isn't pictured. I think this was his year as a blue Incredible Hulk), I'm the one who's changed the most since childhood, to the point that my husband can't see me in my childhood pictures and people usually think my kids take after only their dad, not realizing that the kidlets actually look JUST like I did when I was two or four or six.

(Yo, reader friends out there who know my kids, don't I look JUST like my kindergartner in this picture?! I do, don't I! Totally!) Perhaps I'll blog more on that later.

To throw additional randomness in to this post, a word of advice: be careful what you blog about. As I mentioned, I've never had a problem with laundry, so I blogged about my nifty laundry system.

Bad Karma. Can you GUESS what the last two weeks have been like? Go on. Guess. Laundry CHAOS. (I almost used another word that sounds like the capital of Montana [HEL-ena], but this is a family-rated blog, so I just thought it.)

Serves me right. I get it now, people. I totally do. I'm majorly empathizing as I attempt to dig myself out from under it all and the kids keep coming to me asking if there are any clean jeans or underwear or shirts and I point them to the mounds and mounds of clean but unsorted clothes . . .


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Clean but unsorted...that's the norm around here. Doing laundry is easy...folding it and putting it away is something else entirely, I find.

Cute picture!

*MARY* said...

What a cute picture, now I'm no longer afraid of gypsies.

Kristina P. said...

Ha! I love it!

annie valentine said...

I'm feeling you. My laundry addicted mother just left for home yesterday. After a week of live-in laundress bliss, I'm dying. I can't even remember how to sort colors anymore.

Luisa Perkins said...

So sorry you're in Laundry Helena! I have experienced that blogging curse a few times myself.

Brillig said...

My world is ALWAYS Helena when it comes to laundry. So, I'm sorta sorry, but I'm sorta... well... glad you can empathize. haha.

As for the pic of all you little gypsies, that's so darling. You are so stinking cute! I AM sorry, though, that I don't get to see the purple tent photo. hahaha. :-D


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