A Video & A Graphic Novel

First, a reminder about my TWO book signings happening TODAY. See the sidebar for times and places.

My techno-genius teenage son figured out how to compress the file of his animation so Blogger could handle it. (Missed the still-shot? It's on this post here.)

For those who wanted to see the goblet turn into a sword:


Another gem: this week's Tuesday tour stop was too great to pass up. Rob Wells has a brilliant sense of humor, and what he created for his tour stop was so original that Mormon Times even picked it up and linked to it.

Click the picture to enlarge and laugh at a mini graphic novel called Bethany's Story, created entirely with my book covers. I tried to get it to post here so you could click on it to enlarge, but my techno-idiocy is shining through again.

To see the graphic novel (and laugh), click HERE.

Today's tour stop is one that touched my heart. Keith Fisher, who I met years ago at a writing conference, is one of the dearest men alive. He talks about reading Tower of Strength to his dying father in the hospital. I'm still misty over it:

Keith Fisher at LDS Writers Blogck


LisAway said…
That animation is really very impressive. And today's review is just lovely. I'm off to check out the graphic novel.
LexiconLuvr said…
I'm proud of your son. Way to go!

I met Keith once briefly last year but I have read his blog for nearly a year now and I wait all week for his posts. You're right, he's a very dear man.
Luisa Perkins said…
He read it to his dad! I'm completely overcome.
Kimberly said…
That graphic novel gave me such a fit of the giggles!
Jillybean said…
Impressive animation!
What software does he use? My son likes to work on that sort of thing too.
Wow, I'd still be misty too. I am now and I don't even know the guy...

I wish I lived closer so I could come to a signing. I'd probably act just like I did with Jodi Picoult. Mute. :)
An Ordinary Mom said…
That graphic novel ... too funny!
TmeggenT said…
Cool! That's one talented kid you've got there!
Julie Wright said…
Your kid rocks. Rob wells does too and I am completely in agreement with Keith. If I were reading a book to my dad in the hospital, Tower of STrength would be a great choice.
Motherboard said…
That graphic novel is Da BOMB! (diggity)

I am totally bummed that I missed your book signing. I would have come, taken your picture and giggled like a silly school girl. All in Heather's honor, of course!
He's amazing! I need to learn how to do stuff like that, it completely interests me, but I'm too lazy to take a class! :)
Jo said…
Your son is amazing!

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