A Week FULL of Giveaways!

As part of the celebration for the release of my book Tower of Strength, I'm doing a giveaway that will last through Saturday, with winners drawn every single day! (Can I hear a woot, woot!)

I have lots of sponsors providing oodles of prizes, and trust me; you'll want to win!

When you enter, you'll be automatically eligible for each day's drawing, so you don't have to come back every day to keep entering (just to see if you won!). You'll especially want to enter for a chance to win Saturday's grand prize. (See below. Oooh, yeah.)

First, the prizes:
See all the great stuff my sponsors are giving away and then read below for how to enter to win them (including how to get up to THIRTEEN entries!)

Here's what you're entering for:

1) Remember my post about designing a perfume for Tabitha in Tower of Strength? Now you get a chance to win a 2. oz bottle of "Tabitha" (valued at $24.95). The rose scent is tempered with China musk and gets a slight kick from a drop of juniper. I don't usually like floral scents, but the rose is subtle, and the entire scent is totally awesome. It's a soft perfume, not at all overpowering.

I use the Tabitha perfume and hand lotion every single day. LOVE it!

To learn more about the Tabitha scent click HERE, and to find out more about Urban Botanics, visit THIS PAGE.

2) One of my oldest bloggy friends, Luisa, is known as the consummate cook, and she has finally put some of her recipes together into one place for the rest of us who love food and want a taste of her brilliance.

She's giving away a copy of her cookbook, Comfortably Yum: Food for Body and Spirit. Visit her blog, Novembrance.

3) If you've seen my book trailer, you've heard the work of Sherrie Shepherd, an extremely talented musician. (Hearing her stuff has gotten my teenager son excited about playing hymns on the piano. That's got to be a super power.)

Sherrie has a CD called Solitude coming out soon. I personally can't wait! You can pre-order the CD at her website HERE and listen to more of her music HERE. One of today's winners will receive an advance-release copy of Solitude.

1) Today's first prize is handmade by Jenn, who sells darling necklaces and scented soaps at Handmade from the Heart.

She's giving away a necklace with her most popular pendant, the open circle:

The winner gets to choose a sentiment, names, or a special word to be stamped into the pendant. Then they'll choose a glass pearl in light pink, cream, or charcoal to hang from the center, or a sweet, stirling charm to finish it off. Value: $25.00.

2) You'll also be entering to win Brittany Mangus's book Prepare Now for the Temple, a great guide for those getting ready to go through the temple for the first time, written especially for women.

3) Then two lucky winners will receive copes of the new CD An Angel to Watch over Me, a musical tribute to mothers. It includes music from Joshua Creek, Jessie Clark Funk, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Dave Blasucci, Lyndsi Houskeeper, Lauri Carrigan, and more. The CDs are donated by my publisher, Covenant Communications.

1) April of April Showers (and the designer of my cool bloggy giveaway button . . . let's give her some props!) is giving away a personal blog header, designed especially for your blog.

(I'm tempted to rig the drawing so I get it . . . I won't, of course, but I seriously do need a header on this thing, and I like April's work.)

Check her out HERE, where you can see some of her stuff. (She's awesome, isn't she?)

2) Sandra is offering an Urban Botanic Parfume gift collection using her new scent, "White Pearl," inspired by Tower of Strength, a $45 value.

The scent is a light, refreshing blend of coconut, rose, and white musk. It's very feminine.

The gift pack includes 3 Urban Botanic products scented with "White Pearl": Parfume spray, Nourishing Body Lotion (honestly, the UB lotion is my favorite, as if I haven't said that enough times lately) and a Refreshing Shower Gel.

Plus, a bit of fun news: If a man wins this prize, he'll get the gift pack in a scent Sandra designed for the hero of Tower of Strength, Samuel, called "Timeless." The UB shower gel doubles as a shaving gel, and the lotion is a great after shave. "Timeless" is masculine but not overpowering. I really like it.

(If a woman wins and wants the gift pack for the man in her life, I'm sure Sandra would be happy to oblige.)

Visit Sandra's site, Your Scent Your Way.

(A note on the two UB scents: "Tabitha" is more along the lines of a soothing Bath & Body smell that lingers, while "White Pearl" is more of a feminine, perfumy scent--if that makes any sense. They're both awesome, but quite different.)

3) Today you also get a chance to win Rebecca Irvine's new CD, Adventures with the Word of God. (If you have kids, you'll definitely want this to help with studying scriptures!)

More about the CD: Do your children's eyes gloss over as soon as family scripture study starts? Adventures with the Word of God is exactly what you need to get them excited about scripture study.

Interactive scripture reading makes family study fun for the whole family. Help your children learn and understand gospel principles directly from the scriptures with a year's worth of scripture study themes, such as:

  • The family proclamation

  • Pioneers

  • President Hinckley's "Be's"

  • Charity

  • Testimony

Together, your family can study and learn from sets of verses on similar topics, which helps children to better understand the language of the scriptures. Helpful hints are included to provide additional ways to encourage children to pay closer attention during family study time. With this handy helper, children can gain the tools they need to begin personal scripture study and increase their individual testimonies.

4) UPDATE: This is a NEW prize just added to the giveaway:

A copy of The Worldwide Ward Cookbook, by Deanna Buxton!

If you don't win but live in Utah County, no worries: the author will be the center of, "Confessions of a Chocoholic Cook," an event at the Scera lobby in Orem, on March 18. It's FREE, but you must RSVP by the 16th to covenant promotions at gmail dot com.

Covenant has again generously donated 2 copies (so there'll be 2 winners!) of another music CD, this time Grammy-nominated pianist Glenn Hatch's, "Love Notes: 24 Romantic Favorites." Songs include the love theme from Somewhere in Time, Clair de lune, "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera, and many more. Gorgeous music.

2) SLC Baby Bandz is donating a great gift pack that includes a Scandinavian Ribbon Bow, a Rose Garden (Hot Pink) clip, White Daisy clip, and a white hair band, a total value of $15.00 (tax included). All three accessories attach to the baby band or can be worn separately as hair clips, so it's great for all ages.

Be sure to check out their other products HERE.

3) This darling bib from Sew Sara has a crew neck (like a T-shirt) and pulls easily over baby's head. It fits babies all the way up to toddlers! Sara's 2 & 3-year-old kids STILL wear them!

The best part is that kids can't easily take off the bib. She uses 100% cotton fabric on the front, and the funky bird and tree applique scream, "Spring!" (Something I think we're all dying for about now.) The back is plush cotton chenille and the edges are double-stitched with a zig zag edge. Very fun and hip! Measures approx. 11.5" wide x 16.5" long--generously sized for lots of coverage.

Visit the Sew Sara website to see more of her darling products.

Grand Prize time, people!

The Gold Gift Basket from Colorado Kernels, my hands-down favorite gourmet popcorn company EVER.

Here's what you get:

  • Tall 12oz. Chocolate Avalanche

  • Tall 12oz. River Bottom Crunch

  • Tall 3oz. Cheddar Cheese

  • 6oz. Cherry Cordial

  • 6oz. Caramel Corn

  • 6oz. Seasonal Flavor

HO-LY YUM! (River Bottom Crunch is totally one of my favorites. And Cherry Cordial. Okay, and Chocolate Avalanche. Dang. Maybe I shouldn't be giving this one away . . . I want it!)

The whole shebang is valued at $40.

Thanks to all of my sponsors! Be sure to visit them. They all rock!

Simply leave a comment on this post!

Be sure I can contact you if you win, whether it's through you own blog or through an e-mail address in your comment. If I don't get a response within a day of the winners being announced, I'll draw another name.

For TWO MORE entries, mention the giveaway on your blog and link back to this post (not just my blog; use this post's permalink).

For FIVE MORE entries, put this handy-dandy button on your sidebar and have it link back to this post.

(Right click on the image and save it to your computer. Then add it as a gadget in your sidebar. In blogger, when you do that, you have an option of telling it where to link to. Add this post's permalink there so the button clicks back here.)

And for FIVE MORE entries (for a possible THIRTEEN total entries!), post the book trailer for Tower of Strength on your blog.

Find the trailer on YouTube here. (I was going to give you the embedding code, but it didn't work for some reason. As always, I'm a techno-idiot.) From YouTube, copy and paste the embedding code into your blog post (under the "edit HTML" tab). Easy peasy.

To simplify things, feel free to post about (and link to) the giveaway AND post the trailer all on the same post (that's 7 extra entries for you in one fell swoop). I'm helpful like that.

For any extra entries you do, be sure to drop me a line either in the comments or via e-mail to let me know you've linked, posted the button, and/or posted the trailer so I can be sure to add all of your extra entries to my list before I do the random number generator thingy.

WINNERS will be drawn each morning and announced here.

Ready . . . set . . . go!

Today's tour stops:
Pulsipher Predilictions
Blok Thoughts
Tristi's Takes


Kristina P. said…
I think I just saw my blog take some Prozac. Your giveaway kills it!!
Shauna said…
Woot, Woot! You are AWESOME!!!! Thank You so much for doing these wonderful giveaways! I would l♥ve to win! Please count me in :)
Lara said…
Wow! You've been hard at work! What fun you'll have this week!
SO said…
Sweet give away!!! Count me in!!

I put your button on my blog.
Becky said…
Woo Hoo!! What a great give-away week!! Count me in (except for winning my own CD of course :-)!
Shauna said…
What a great way to promote your new book!
Shauna said…
Ok my precious friend! Come on over to my blog! I posted about you on the right side bar on my blog :)
Shauna said…
I also posted the trailer about your book on my blog too :) Annette you truly are AWESOME! ♥ Hugs!
Michemily said…
That is a LORRRT of giveaways. I want to win something!
Cheryl said…
Done! I have a post about to go to press (with all the correct linkage), I will have the button on my side bar, and I posted the video (again!!) in the same post (about to go to press).

I love these prizes! I hope I win something. :)
LexiconLuvr said…
Wow! This is impressive! Way to go to promote your stuff! Word o' mouth can work wonders! =]
Kimberly said…
Oh. My.

I want.

All of it.

I'm greedy like that.
Heidi Ashworth said…
Sign me up! I am going to have to come back and read about all the other ways to enter later on when I am not feeling so fuzzy and sleep deprived.
Heffalump said…
Wow those are great prizes!
Cardalls said…
Wow! What fun prizes...sign me up!
Sandra said…
Done, done and done. Just so your guests know, if they don't win the Urban Botanic gift set I created, but want one- the can just drop me an e-mail and order it.
I am in. I have posted a link on my blog back to yours but I tried to get the video on my blog and it isn't working. I don't think that I know how to do it. I posted it on my facebook though. Will that work? Thanks. I have also posted the button on my sidebar.
Amanda D said…
Pick me, pick me! I'm going to posting in the next day or two and I will be posting a link to this awesome give-away.

I'm so excited foryou and the release of your book. Good luck!
Laura said…
I'm going to get busy blogging for you. What a fun way to get your book out there!
I don't want to miss your e-mail!
meganlynn said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lyon Pride said…
I'm so excited to read this book! I'm jealous of a lot of your commenters because it sounds like a lot of them had sneek peeks! I put your button, video, and a post on my blog mostly to spread the word to my friends and family!
meganlynn said…
I am so excited to read Towers of Strength. :)

by the way, i added a link to this site, posted the book trailer and added the gadget with a link to this site.
I need some smelling salts. I just fainted.
Josi said…
Holy Shmokes, woman. Have you brushed your teeth in the last few weeks? One wonders how you would find the time. I've got your flash ad on my blog and will do the mention and the trailer in a day or so. Good luck!
MommyJ said…
Okay... Here's my first entry. Wahoo for giveaways!!
Here's an entry because I'm a sucker for FREE stuff...I REALLY need April's header...just putting that in there! :)

Then do I get more for already posting the VIDEO on my blog? I just need to add the button! Right?!
Can I have it all, just for the heck of it? I'll gladly share the popcorn if anyone wants to come over to listen to the CDs. ;)
Okay, I'm a sucker for free stuff, so I posted your button on my side bar with a link to your post. So that's a total of 8 entries, right?
Brooke said…
Okay, I'm coming out of my no comment blog funk because I HAVE to win something. These all look like awesome giveaways! Thanks so much!
Chantele said…
This giveaway is so awesome! I am obviously leaving a comment, I posted about it on my blog, and put the button and the video on as well!;) So that is 13! Woo hoo! Congrats on your newest novel! I'm excited to read it!
Kimberly said…
The trailer is up! Going to have to figure out how to put the sidebar linky thing up though. It's trickier on wordpress than blogger...hrmm...
Krystal said…
ok, I posted the video and mentioned the the giveaway (and included a link on my blog)... and here I am commenting (how many entries is that?!)... I am so excited to read your new book, because the Manti temple is pretty much my favorite of all time (and the books about Logan and St. George were wonderful! I'm behind though and missed SLC). Can't wait to read it!! - missplott@gmail.com (my blog is private, but Kristina can verify the post!)
Monkey3 said…
great idea! sounds awesome!!
my email: skidmore333@gmail.com
Summer said…
Wow! That is a one heck of a boat load of prizes! How fun!
Awesome contest, Annette! I posted about the contest on my blog, linking back to this post, along with the video, AND I added the cute little picture to my sidebar. I think that's everything, right? And . . . you know how to contact me. :) Congrats on your book release. I'm looking forward to reviewing it!
Oo oo, enter me. And I'm putting the button on. I'm going to put the video on. But not until I do my review thing, on the 18th right?
Melanie J said…
Okay, I just put your button in my sidebar, and since I already posted today, I'll be linking to this giveaway tomorrow. Yay! I want some popcorn! Woot!
Lolli said…
Wowowow! That's a lot of wow! Those are some amazing prizes! Count me in!
wonder woman said…
Alright, Madam Lyon. I have posted, linked, posted the trailer (which honestly makes me want to run out and buy the book!) and put the button on my sidebar.

I'd love the adventure CD, or any of the musical ones. And the chocolate. And the popcorn. This is FABULOUS stuff!
Mindi said…
Hey Annette! I can't wait to read your new book! I posted the button and a like to the youtube video on my blog. It's at battraws.blogspot.com.
Krystal said…
Wow! What fun giveaways. And your book sounds so neat too!
Krystal said…
I posted the button on my sidebar!
Krystal said…
I mentioned your giveaway on my blog and linked back to this post!
Mrs. Darling said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Darling said…
h! I am excited for your new book AND your super-duper awesome giveaways!


(And I permalinked and blogged about your upcoming book! Congrats!)
Donna said…
Thanks for the invite, Annette. This is awesome. I haven't entered the blog world except as a commenter on several friendly blog like yours and Tristi's...hi Tristi!
Anyway, this is great and you can reach me via email at dmilakovic@gmail.com...my writer email.
Hope you get a huge response and I will spread the word. Congrats on the new book coming out that is always so exciting.
PICK ME! PICK ME! Even though I feel so left out of the book tour.

Congratulations on your book publication!!!!

So happy for you. And I can't wait to read it.
Tristi Pinkston said…
Holy blog contest, Batman! This is the rockin'est contest I've ever seen!
LisAway said…
WOW! Can I just say WOW? You weren't kidding about the AMAZING giveaway week! Sheesh!

I've got your (CUTE) button in my sidebar and on today's post I'll mention the giveaway and posting the trailer (if it doesn't crash my computer).

This is really great, Annette!
Cathy Witbeck said…
That's a boatload of goodies. You sure know how to promote a book.
Here's hoping my one whimpy entry has a chance. (My blog is broken this week, so I can't post about it.)
Taffy said…
What a fun way to start the week! Something to look forward to all week!
I posted links to your contest and your trailer on taffyscandy.blogspot.com

Dang! Dang! Dang! There are too many posts here! I was hoping to be the only one!

Your book sounds wonderful! I definitely want to read it, so count me in!
Just to let you know...I did everything you asked! Except put the video on my blog! I tried forever to figure it out and I just don't get it! lol So anyway, I'm sorry about that. Stupid computers!
Stephanie Black said…
Count me in! And congrats on your new book!
Tiffany said…
Count me in! What a fun week! I also posted about the giveaway on my blog!
Rachel C. said…
Awesome! I'm excited for all the excitement!
Rachelle said…
I'm in for all 13 entries! I posted the gadget, trailer, and link at my blog. This is such an awesome idea and I'm excited about your new book!
Cynthia said…
I am anxious to read your new book too!! Great giveaways, count me in!
Alisa said…
Hi. I linked back to your post on my site and also posted the trailer. go at blogthedayaway dot com I'm so excited.
Motherboard said…
Holy Giveaway Batman! This is a doosey!

Count me in, and hook me with the extra video entries -- only the video wont be on my blog(s) until Monday... Do I still qualify??
Wow! What a great contest. I've posted the video, told about the contest and put up the link on my blog. It's a great book. I really enjoyed it.
Sign me up! What great sponsors you've lined up. This is a great idea to promote your book!
Beth L. said…
Woot! Woot! Very cool video...I'm already hooked! Thanks, Annette!
Tink said…
Wow! You are doing some amazing giveaways! I'm so thrilled for you and your books and the fact that you also have a trailer out for one of your books! That's incredible! Wahoo! I'll be sure to put your cute "button" on my blog! Take care.
InkMom said…
I'm in!
chelsea said…
I'm in ...great suff!
chelsea said…
Also I left a button on my blog smilesfromabove.blogspot.com
Jennifer said…
There are so many fabulous items, who wouldn't want a chance to win? I've left a post including the trailer on my blog. I'm defiantly going to have to look up your other books.
Carrie said…
Wow! those are great prizes!
An Ordinary Mom said…
What an exciting week for you! Yippee!

(I will put that button in my sidebar for sure!)
sues2u2 said…
Count me in! And congrats on your book!!! May it rise & rise up the best seller lists - *clinck* {two glasses of dt coke or whatever you drink!}
Brooke said…
All right girl. I blogged about it for two extra entries and put your button on my sidebar for five! NOW IT'S TIME TO WIN!!!!!
Elizabeth said…
enter me!!! :-) i have your button up on my blog. :-)
Mandy said…
I'll play!
Jo said…
Dang lady! What a seriously awesome giveaway!
Aik said…
Great giveaway! Please count me in!

Susan said…
Wow! What a fun giveaway. I'd love to win any of the stuff up for grabs.

I'll post about this giveaway later today on my book blog: http://blogginboutbooks.blogspot.com . If you like historical fiction, come on over and enter the giveaways I have going on. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I'm here because of the button Elizabeth placed on her blog. :) Count me in! have a great day! vlouise63@hotmail.com, Victoria
Brittany said…
Oooo I'm in for the rest of week! I'd love to win!

Kaylynn said…
It's not too late to enter is it?
Jen said…
pick me..
mandy said…
I am excited to have found your blog. I added a post about you with a link here. I tried to add the button and YouTube video but I am mot computer savy enough. maybe my husband can help me later.
The family said…
Okay - I was ALL excited thinking that maybe (just maybe) TODAY was going to be my lucky day and then...I scrolled down and saw how many comments there were. DANG IT.
Well- I'll see what I can do.
Thank you and seriously, I think i am going to read the book either way. It LOOKS AWESOME
The family said…
and my email is
stefany faye @ gmail (dot) com
Jamie said…
What a great idea to have such fun giveaway's. I read Becky's review of your book on her blog and it sounds like a great book. Can't wait to read it! You can contact me at spencersmom04(at)juno(dot)com
Kristin said…
Count me in! How exciting!
Kristy said…
I'm totally in. How fun! If I can get a moment between sick kids and a much needed nap I'll do some of the other stuff for entries, but I'll have to post about that later when I get to it. I'm at benedictkristy(at)hotmail(dot)com.
I'm in, check my blog for a mention of the contest, your giveaway button and your video. Can I just say how much I love your video?
Rachel said…
I have posted all on my blog, link, video and button... I hope I win, haven't every won anything yet and I am so excited to read your books... they sound great, this is the first I have heard about them... lukeynrachey.blogspot.com thanks
Kelly said…
How fun! I love giveaways!
Amanda J said…
Awesome! Looks like some great stuff!
Kat Bryan said…
Hi, awesome giveaway! Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.

Also wanted to say how much I agree with your post about people stopping by and not saying anything. I just started blogging last month and I know some of my friends know nothing about blogging and think posting is difficult.
Maggie & Nate said…
It sounds so great!!! You are an incredible person!! :0)
My email is magsmason@gmail.com
Maggie & Nate said…
I am getting sealed in the Manti Temple on July 3rd!!! I have been married for 2 years and we are SO excited and want to be an eternal family!! (It is a long story) but the Manti temple is my favorite and I love going through the temple sessions and it is wonderful!!
Maggie (again)
Lynne said…
I am embarrassed to say that I have never read your books. Where I live there isn't an LDS bookstore nearby, however since seeing the trailer for your book I am anxious to order one. Also, since reading about your give-a-ways, I am eager to check out the blogs of your sponsors as well.
Karalee said…
I am looking forward to a new read. Thanks. karaleegarber@hotmail.com
Jami said…
Did I ever enter? Anyhow, enter me. I could really get excited about winning. I'd be willing to do a game show thrilled to win jump!
Taffy said…
I mentioned your contest again on my blog! Thanks for the fun
Leslie said…
OH, I would love to win! I have NEVER won anything in my life before. Is it bad luck to say that out loud? Nah...I'm gonna win something!!
Aik said…
Please count me in!

Anna said…
It's the last day, I'm not blog savvy enough to shoot for extra entries but here it is I guess I'll try for whatever you draw today. Thanks for the link Lara
Erin said…
I don't think I ever signed up. So here I am, reading your blog posts from France, and now I'm signed up to win your grand prize! :)
veronica said…
I'd love to win (even though I'm a little slow entering).
I just finished reading "At the Water's Edge" and am now halfway through "House on a Hill". I'm excited to read all the books in your temple series.

PS I love your work! I saw you at the Draper lunch, but didn't get to talk to you. :)
Lara said…
Different Lara here. What a fun blog you have and this giveaway is awesome!
Sue said…
Yum, popcorn.
Melissa said…
oh yeah! I love all your prizes. missykarren@gmail.com
Jess said…
yay i love giveaways!

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