Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tabitha the Perfume

Going to Karlene's Urban Botanics make-and-take party (or "lab," as I like to call it) was a fascinating experience. I got to feel a bit like a mad scientist as I combined oils to create brand new scents. I'd add a drop of this, a drop of that. I'd decide that I'd gone the wrong direction and start over.

I think I started over five times, maybe? (Karlene humored me. Patient woman, that.)

The entire point of the exercise was to come up with a scent that fit Tower of Strength, something that Tabitha herself could have worn, something that fit her personality.

At one point in the book, Samuel smells rosewater on Tabitha. Of course, I had no clue while writing it that I'd be later designing a fragrance to go with the book! But now that line gave me a direction to head: I needed to include rose in the perfume.

One slight issue, however: I'm not a huge floral perfume fan. What to do?

Karlene helped me out (so did Cindy Beck, who was there too), and together we came up with a scent that I absolutely love. The rose is there, but it's subtle, and the other oils blend so well with it that the final result is truly its own scent.

I now have both the perfume and the hand lotion in "Tabitha," and I use them daily.

Sometimes I use the lotion several times a day, not because my hands feel dry (because they don't with that lotion! UB lotion is my favorite, and I've been using it in different scents for a good year now), but because I love smelling the "Tabitha" scent as I rub it in.

Here's the combination of oils: rose, juniper, and China musk.

Now, I know that sounds totally off-the-wall. But trust me; it's light, with layers, not at all heavy floral or overpowering or anything like that.

Best of all, it's something I can imagine that Tabitha really wore.

If you're interested, click on the button for "Tabitha" in my sidebar (or above), and you can order the perfume (or any other UB products with the "Tabitha" scent) from Karlene, who has the official recipe. Or just click HERE to go to the custom scent page.

One thing to note on the entire Urban Botanics line is that they use gentle ingredients, so people who are often allergic to other cosmetics (especially perfumes) can usually use UB products. They don't have the harsh chemicals and preservatives, either. Good stuff.

To learn more about the Urban Botanics line, visit THIS PAGE.

I'll be bringing samples of "Tabitha" to book signings and other events, so if you see me, ask for one!

(Or lean in a take a whiff. I'll probably be wearing it.)

One lucky reader will win a 2 oz. bottle of the Tabitha UB parfume in my giveaway next week, a retail value of $24.95, donated by Karlene.

You won't want to miss out on that, so be sure to check back and enter!


Kristina P. said...

For some reason, I thought you were joking about the perfume! I think that's awesome!

Maybe I will visit you at a book signing and have to try it!

Cynthia said...

That is so fun! Isn't it fascinating to blend your own fragrances? One of my all-time favorite scents is Pomegrante and Rosewater. I'm like you- I like just a hint of floral. I'm sure your Tabitha scent smells fantastic.

I had a bath and body business back in 2000-2003 doing pretty much the exact same thing. We always had so much fun creating new scents and everyone loved making their own stuff. Sadly, the timing wasn't right for me. With 3 babies, I just couldn't keep up with it so I had to let it go. Sigh. I loved having access to so many fun things. I wish your friends much success in their venture.

Lara Neves said...

I think that is so cool! I would love to design my own scent sometime.

Heatherlyn said...

How fun is that to design a scent for a character in your book?! I'm glad you shared your experience. It is so interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

How cool! I'll have to check out the lotion.

Jo said...

That is really cool and it sounds like fun too. Congrats, you mad scientist you!

Sher said...

That's so cool. I wanna make my own perfume.!

p.s. for the blog tour, if I want to ask you questions, should I email them to you now, so I can post both Q & A at the same time?

p.s. I finished the book on Sunday. I read it in 2 days. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

What about a Samuel cologne?

Anonymous said...

I love "fresh" light scents. I can't stand too cloying of a perfume either. I'll have to check this one out. (I've clicked on the link before but I'm glad to know more about the story behind it.) =]

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

So will it creep you out if I smell you at the conference next month?

Josi said...

Can't wait to smell it--very cool.

Heather Moore said...

I'd love to smell it--bring it to critique :)

Sandra said...

Anonymous- we could do a Samuel cologne. I would suggest a blend of Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Asian Spice, Fig and Bergamot.

Jen said...

Huh! That is totally fantastic! Now who'da thunk of doing a perfume along with your character? I love the idea! Sounds delightful.

Brittany Marie said...

Wow that is so cool! What a great idea!

Elisa said...

You have your own perfume line? Jeepers! You're like a supa-star!

I just may hunt you down at a book signing and sniff you. ;>

Rebecca Blevins said...

That sounds great! Exactly the type of perfume I love. I don't like heavy florals or overly sweet perfume.

Karlene said...

That was fun, helping you make your perfume. I have several authors who've made perfumes for their books, and I've made fragrances for the Twilight characters.

I usually do a make and take once a month and list the date on my Inksplasher blog and my Signature Scents blog.


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